Ch. Luna's Manchurian Canidate ROM

Ch.Luna's Blue Abyss Of Anmar  

Ch.Anmar's Some Like It Hot

Can. Ch.Anmar's In The Heat Of The Nite - Canada

Ch. Anmar's Princess Leah Of The Nite

Ch. Anmar's Luke Skywalker

Ch. Cedar Ridge Anmar's Nite Rider

Russian GCH. Anmar's Made You Look Again  -  Russia

Ch. Anmar's Fu Ling Blue - 2015

GCH. CH. Anmar's Just Like A Woman ROM - 2015

Can. Ch. Anmar's I'll Be Your Baby ToNite - Canada  2015

Ch. Anmar's Out After Dark - 2016

GCH. Ch. Tesoro Belair's Purple Reign At Anmar - 2017

Ch. Anmar's NW Darq Horse -2017

GCH. Ch. Anmar's Bodacious At Brigadoon  ( New Champion ) 2018

Ch. Anmar's One Hot Lady  ( New Champion ) 2018

CH.  Anmar's A Hunka Hunka Burning Love  ( New Champion ) 2018         
Brandi has done very well, and
finished her championship at 11
1/2 mo. old then rested 1 month
and finished her grand
championship the next month
after her rest. I am so proud of
this little girl.
Anmar's Just Like A Woman

Handled by Jr. handler Andrew
Mueller awarded a
Group 1 by
Judge Gloria Gerringer. This
win was  at almost 10 mo. old

winning A Group 1

Being awarded WD  for a 4 pt major.
Is shown by my handler Kevin Chestnut.

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Shelby is now a new champion. He became Ch.
Cedar Ridge Anmar's Nite Rider
on 6/23/2014.
under Judge Kent Delaney handled by Kevin
Chestnut's Jr. Handler.
Ch. Anmar's Fu Ling Blue

Ch. Luna's Blue Abyss of Anmar
X Luna's Fu Ling Yu Of Anmar

Being shown in 2014 by Ashley Cussolino she finished in 2015.
Brandi being awarded BOB by

Dana Plonkey, I am handling

Shelby's first major win, he
would not stand on the table, so
the judge is holding him. This
was at the Toy Specialty in Oct,
Brandi finished from the 9 - 12
mo. puppy class finishing at 11
mo. old, winning a couple of
and a Group 1 at 10 mo. old.
These are pic's of Brandi who
now is
Ch. Anmar's Just Like A
, being handled by my
handler Kevin Chestnut
Above Brandi being awarded  a Grp 4
as a Grand champion. Kevin Chestnut
is handling her in this picture.
GrC Ch. Anmar's Just Like A Woman



Anmar's Blame It On The Midnite

Ch. Cedar Ridge Anmar's Nite RiderX Anmar's Kahlua Latte'

Being awarde WB for her first major by Judge Judy Webb handled by Kevin Chestnut
This is Ebonee being shown at the 2015 Puget
Sound Pug Dog Club Specialty in the 4-6 mo.
puppy class.