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All puppies are raised in our home- " not in a Kennel "

I breed for my next show prospects, and occasionally have show and companion puppies
available. I try to have a few litters per year, sometimes depending on the situation I
might only have one litter. All Pug puppies or young adults are sold with a health
guarantee that covers life threatening genetic diseases, and also are vet checked
before going to their new homes.  All new owners are required to have said puppy or
adult pug vet checked within 48 -72 hrs after taking ownership of that pug, to have
health guarantee be in force. If said dog is an older retired dog, the quarantee has a
limit to it, and the dog is sold as is.

All companion puppies, older pups, and adults are sold on a spay/neuter contract...
Those puppies or older pups must be
spayed or neutered by no earlier then 12 months of
Older companion dogs if not spayed or neutered when sold must be spayed or
neutered shortly after taking possession of such dog. Once dog is spayed or neutered,
new owner shall
send proof of procedure from their veterinarian to Anmar Pugs and
shortly afterwards shall receive all AKC registration papers, due for that particular dog .  
Once owners receive registration papers I would like new owners to register their pug
in their name with the AKC. So said dog shows ownership to new owner, instead of
Anmar Pugs.

All show dogs, show prospects, brood bitch, companion dogs go to their new homes
current on vaccinations de-wormings. When taking possession of a new dog all owners
will receive a copy of the dog's pedigree, information on any vaccinations and
de-wormings, and on our feeding program. Also I will supply the new owner with some
dry dog food to last a few days, long enough for the new owner to get their own supply
of dog food, this will be in a puppy packet I give to go with your puppy. this will include
a couple of toys, a couple of pee pee pads, some to
dog chewies, and treats.  also there will be a pamphlet with sheets of info, copies of
parents pedigree, copy of vet statement and puppy health record.

I feed a high quality dog food and add cooked cut up meat (usually chicken) to all dogs
meals, with the broth from the meat. At times we use a high quality canned dog food
instead of cooked meat. Whatever the new owner plans on feeding new dog, will be up
to them, as long as the dog stays healthy, but I do recommend a high quality dog food to
be used, and to use the mini bites for toy dogs.

My companion puppies , are being offered to anyone who has completed a puppy
application  and was
approved,  which at this time is $3500.00, and up. Any companion
puppy sold to a new owner is required by the
contract, to spay or neuter said puppy by
the age of 12 months, no sooner for the the health guarantee to be stay in force.
If companion dog has been spayed or neutered by me there is an additional cost to cover
the procedure. Also any young adult Pug going as a companion, depending on age will
go for less then the companion puppy prices.  Any brood bitch quality pugs will go for
more then a companion puppy price , but less then a potential show prospect, and will
have a separate contract concerning breeding, etc.  
Potential show prospects and show
can be acquired, depending on the sex, age, or if pointed or a finished champion at
the price of
$5000.00 and  up. Any retired dog will go for less then a companion puppy,
and the price will depend on the age of the dog., and if it has been spayed or neutered.  
There is a
required non refundable deposit on all puppies or adult Pugs being held for
new owners. If you are on a waiting list and have a companion pet that you are waiting
on, you will be required to pay a deposit of
$1000.00, to hold said pet. If you are waiting
for a potential show puppy the deposit will be
$2000.00. After said litters are whelped
any prospective buyer wanting a puppy from these litters will be required to send the
non-refundable deposit when contacted to hold said puppy, otherwise said puppy will be
considered for next person on waiting list.
My prices are subject to change according to
the cost of living rise, at
any time, without notice.  So please make sure to read all
on this page. Once a deposit is put down on a particular puppy, the price
will not be changed, for the litter, and that particular person paying that deposit. If a
deposit is put down for a litter and the prospective owner changes their mind they will
lose their nonrefundable deposit, and if they decide they want another puppy from
another litter, will need to pay the higher price if it has changed.

All potential show puppies and adult show pugs are sold on a show contract, which
includes a
co-ownership till said dog has finished it's championship. The new co-owner
will be responsible for all financial needs of said potential show dog.  Also occasionally I
am willing to work with potential buyers on different payment plans. This I will do only if
the dog is going as a potential show puppy, realizing there is a higher cost involved, and
that said dog would have to be payed off with a 1/3 rd down payment and balance
within 2 months.  
new potential pug owners must fill out a puppy application.  All applications will need
references, and I do check all references completely. I reserve the right to except or
deny any person applying for one of my pugs whether a puppy or adult.
I have a good
track record of placing my pugs, and plan on protecting that record.
All companion puppies going to new owners must be picked up either at my home, or at
a  place we choose to meet at, by the puppies age of 9 wks. If the new owner cannot
pick said puppy up by the age of 9 wks., there is an additional boarding fee charged,
which is $15.00 a day.
I do not ship any pugs to new prospective owners via cargo on any commercial airlines!!
This is a new rule made by the airlines for all snub nosed breeds, and also government
rule that I will enforce
Thanks you for going over this information I have provided for you. After going over all
of this, if you still have questions please contact me.  Thank you!!
If interested, email Anmarpugs@aol.com for more information
after scrolling down the Available Page and reading all the
information I have provided for prospective new puppy owners.

For serious inquires please read all information below
Then if you have any other question, feel free to contact us.
Anmar's Chewie Chewbacca
"   C H E W I E  "
Ch.Luna's Manchurian Canidate x Pugsinablanket B&S'S Get Her Dun (pt)

DOB- 4/2/2009
S O L D !!!
Chewie is currently with his new
owner's living in Eugene, Or.
Chewie with his new family
Steve, Oliver, Bethani with
Chewie, and Simon Mayberry
of Eugene,Or.
Simon, Chewie, and Oliver at
their home in Eugene,Or
Anmar's Garth Vader
"  S T A N L E Y  "
Ch.Luna's Manchurian Canidate X Pugsinablanket B&S'S Get Her Dun
S O L D !!!
STANLEY is now living with
his new owners, Ken and Sue
Howard of Seattle,Wa.
Below are pic's of some of our kids in their
forever homes. Scroll past the pictures, and
there is the info that
must be read before
contacting us about our Pugs. Please read all,
so you are well informed about our procedures
and costs.   

Scroll Down: more info!!!
Anmar's American Hero
" HERO "
Gch.Ch. Timeliss Luna's Treasure Hunt X Luna's Fu Ling Yu Of Anmar ( 2 pts )
DOB - 9/11/2009
S O L D !!!
Hero with his new owner Robert Chad Wright and Rob's
mother. He will be living in Medford,Or., with Kelley ( Rob's
wife, and 2 children ) Hero is now Chewy.
If interested please email me and request a puppy
application form.  If you need additional  
information about any pug puppies , older puppies
or adult pugs please click on
email below.
I don't have any available adult or older puppies at this
moment, but will have available puppies. coming up in a
few months. So if interested request an application for
you to complete. Thank you!!
Please keep scrolling down for more important information!!