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About Us

Anmar Pugs is a small kennel that was founded in 2007. I usually have anywhere up to 8 pugs here at my site. I usually have around 3 to 4 breeding and showing females, and
maybe 1 - 2 males are either finished or are working at finishing their championship, which are also available for stud services. We've finished several champions and also
produced several champions and either finished them ourselves or other owners have finished them. I am always on the job trying to breed dogs that are worthy of a
champion title and also breed quality companion pugs. Many of my pugs are living in states all over the USA, some in Canada, and in other countries.  I feel I have a good
breeding program going, and have produced many quality pugs. As the years go by I hope to produce even better quality pugs. I breed and show both black and fawn pugs. I
have had wonderful foundation stock that are now retired show and breeding dogs. The best way to produce great dogs is by starting off with good foundation dogs, and I
did start off with good dogs. My mentors were Cathy Moore and Kim Taylor, and also Joyce and Warren Hudson. These are friends that helped me get my first quality show
pugs, and I will always be very grateful for their help. I learned a lot from these mentors. My pugs are my children, and I treat them like that. They are all health checked
and tested to produce healthy pug puppies that will have long show careers and bring happiness to many families who acquired them from me. My puppies are raised in my
home, and when weather permits, are also given hours of outside activities. Puppies do best when given outside activities to promote muscle and bone growth, which they
need to become strong and healthy adults. I hope I am inviting you to want to try one of my pugs either for the conformation ring, maybe obedience, rally, agility or as your
family companion and member.   

About Me

As a child of 12 months, I already showed the signs of being an animal lover. The first word I said was "Bearcha". My parents had a dog named Bear and that's how it all began.
In the next 40 years or so, I had raised all sorts of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, goats, parrots, geese, ducks, chickens, tropical fish, ferrets, and turtles.

In 1977, I acquired my first show prospect, a miniature schnauzer bitch, sent her with handler and got her championship finished in the USA and Canada. Then I bought two
more bitches and started my show and breeding program. Then in 1980, I added two Dachshunds to my list but tragedy struck and I had to spay my first Dachshund bitch,
and my second bitch ruptured a disc and eventually had to be euthanized. During this period of my life, I was working and trying to raise two boys, so I had professional
handlers show and finish my dogs. Also I had three litters during a five year span but the disappointment of having to spay one dachshund bitch and losing another put me
into such a state of depression that I just stopped showing and breeding altogether. Then, in 1992, a friend got me involved with a rare Brazilian Mastiff called the Fila
Brazilliero, and I did that for about six years, finished two dogs with a handler, and had two litters. These dogs were such a challenge, due to their size and temperament,
that I was totally overwhelmed with the care and cost of taking care of them. I was still working at this time, so I stopped breeding and placed my younger dogs with people
looking for a good companion dog that was also good for protection. There were three dogs placed and I kept my five older dogs until they passed away at the ages of 9-13
years. This was a ripe old age for a large dog like the Mastiff - breeds of this size don't usually live longer than nine years, and some pass away at six-seven years.

Then in 2000, I started seeing a wonderful man named Dan Benson, that I had known for 23 years, and married him a year later. Just before we got married, I acquired a
half-Pug that I gave to Dan for his birthday some weeks before Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife got one of the litter mates, as did their daughter. Dan's pup was named
Tilly, and that was in 2001. This is how I was introduced to the funny world of Pugs. For the next five years, I kept wishing I could find a show quality Pug. I finally retired ,
in 2005, and  then had the time to make my wish come true. I started going to shows and talking to breeders there, and also looked at some puppies. Then I finally found
our first show prospect, a fawn bitch, whom we named China. The breeder, Cleo Massey of Pugsinablanket, was so good to let us purchase her and that's how it all began.
Well my life took another turn in another direction on April 19, 2012.  I had lost my husband of 11 yrs, to heart disease and have had to change my life again. I am strong so
I'm certain that I'll be able to go on with out him, but it is so hard. I really do miss him a lot. He was my friend, my husband, and life has gotten so lonely without him. Having
my dogs has really helped me through this, because I have to stay strong for them. I still show, and have to take care of them by myself now, so that really keeps me real
busy. Life must go on, as they say, and here at Anmar Pugs it will. I now have relocated and live in S.E. Idaho, and kind of having to start all over getting my dog hobby all
situated again, which I will do. like I have in the past. I live here with my son and his family, and my puggies. we have more planning and building to do, but we will get it
Anmar Pugs,with the help of our foundation bitches Pugsinablanket B&S'S Get Her Dun and Luna"s Fu Ling Yu Of Anmar have produced top quality champions, show
prospects and companion dogs.  My foundation dogs are a combination of Glory, Mianda, Dulittle, Kesander, Charlamar, Neu, Webb,  Warjoy, Moonstruck, and Coral Bay
lines.  I have had some great mentorship from a bunch of good people. Cathy Moore and Kim Taylor of Luna Pugs, Warren and Joyce Hudson of Warjoy, and I can't forget
Cleo Massey  of Pugsinablanket. These friends all have given me so much information and help in acquiring my first show Pugs, and helping me with sponsorship in the Puget
Sound Pug Dog Club. which I am a active member of.  I am  also a member of the Pug Dog Club Of America (  PDCA ), and a member of a new Pug Club that we are trying to
get established, it's called Columbia River Pug Fanciers.  As members of these three Pug clubs we have a
CODE OF ETHICS that we must go by, and hope that any person or
persons acquiring a Pug from me will also follow. I am also a member of the Seattle Pug Rescue. I have learned so much from everyone involved, in this sport, and very
thankful to all who helped me.   My goal is to produce Pugs that not only have a head to be proud of, but are correct, typey,  and sound,  with wonderful pedigrees.   And
last but not least have the movement to go along with that beautiful picture...
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